Lisa Miriam Designs is dedicated to making a positive impact on the Austin community. Environmentally friendly construction, sustainable building practices, and supporting fine arts are some of the core values that we feel passionately about.

Fair Trade, Sustainable Products

In her travels, Lisa has gained a love for traditional Mexican and Indian design style. As such, Lisa Miriam Designs uses fair-trade materials sourced from these countries in the construction of many of our products. Production is done using sustainable energy and with a focus on reducing waste and preserving the environment.

line of otomi pillows on couch
concrete planters outside on deck
white and blue glass mosaic pot

Green Building

As a LEED certified designer, Lisa Miriam works to ensure all of her buildings, renovations, and projects are environmentally conscious. We do our best to build energy-efficient, low-impact designs that preserve water and reduce electricity usage.

Austin’s Cool House Tour is a perfect example of the type of green building Lisa Miriam loves. In addition to striving for this standard, Lisa Miriam Designs supports the Texas Solar Energy Society and the Austin Energy Green Building initiatives.

sign for cool house tour
recycled planters designed by lisa miriam
roof of sustainable building with solar panels

Affordable Housing

Lisa Miriam Designs is on the cutting edge of the affordable housing movement in Austin. Tiny houses are a special type of construction that require an able and environmentally conscious designer – a perfect fit for Lisa’s design philosophy.

winona rider airstream in lisa miriam's backyard
winona rider airstream interior
lisa miriam and the remodeled winona rider airstream

Local Art and Theatre

A regular participant in the East Austin Studio Tour, Lisa Miriam’s design philosophy lends itself well to the local fine art scene. Lisa also contributes to theatre organizations around Austin, including the Austin Young Lawyer’s annual production dubbed the “Bar & Grill“.

More nonprofits we love and support: The Dinner Party, Austin Habitat for Humanity, and the Austin Young Lawyers Association.

logo for the dinner party