Sustainable interior designer from Austin, Texas providing design consulting while living the #vanlife in a camper van.

interior designer lisa miriam

Lisa Miriam’s #vanlife

Lisa wears all the hats.  She’s a lawyer, real estate developer, LEED sustainable interior designer, actor, writer, and vanlifer.  Lisa specializes in renovating older homes, Airstreams, tiny homes, and camper vans.  Lisa travels the country providing design consulting on commercial and residential projects along the way.  Follow her personal journey living as a solo woman in a camper van and reach out for design consultations that will elevate your style, energy, and improve your life.

Renovation Consulting

Floor plan renovation consulting that will reimagine your current floor plan to create energetic, flowing spaces that embrace your modern lifestyle.

Design Consulting

Good design changes the way you interact with the spaces around you and can increase productivity, interconnection, and happiness.  Reach out to discover how design can improve your life, both at work and at play.

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